Teas of the month: October

For the month of October, most of my teas came from a small tea house in the Ottawa/Gatineau region. The tea house, called La maison de thé Cha Yi , is one of the best places for tea I have come across so far. As soon as I walked in, I was gladly welcomed by the owner, Daniel, who was pleased to answer all my question and talk about tea with me for more than an hour.

The service is only one part of what makes this little shop so amazing. The teas are also truly wonderful. Daniel explained to me that most of his teas were individually selected by himself directly from the producers. In fact, he goes to visit some of his suppliers at least once a year.

I want to point out that this is in no way a paid promotion. I truly believe that great companies should get the credit they deserve and Cha Yi is without a doubt a amazing store. Please, do yourself a favor and go look at their website, you will love their products

Without further a do, here are my 3 favorite teas this month!


I got recommended by one of my favorite Instagrammers in the tea community, @fred_tea, to try a good Indian Darjeeling tea. I asked the store owner at Cha Yi to show me the selection of Darjeeling he had and he showed me the different kinds he had. He explained to me that the particularity of Darjeeling teas is that the first flush will always be lighter in color, to the point where it will almost look like a green tea,  as opposed to the 2nd flush which will be of a darker color. The reason for that is that the Darjeeling region has adopted a strict regulation regarding how their teas are made so that the they preserves the reputation it has. This is the main reason why the region was able to keep their title as the Champagne of teas over the year.

At first glance this tea looked really amazing. There was a interesting array of color ranging from dark brown to bright green. The smell I got from this tea was very floral with a hint of grass. When steeped, the tea released more of the grassy notes. The taste was a good mix of herb, jasmine and and a bit of lavender.  I would give this tea a note of 7.5/10.


I’ve always been a huge fan of Gyokuros so I knew I had to buy one to see what Cha Yi had to offer in terms of shaded greens. The smell was very amazing. I got notes of seaweed mixed with a sweet fruity smell that I couldn’t quite figure out precisely what it was. The mix of sweetness and seaweed made for a very interesting smell. The taste was incredibly smooth and delicious, totally what you would expect from a Gyokuro. I would give this tea a 9/10 because of my love for Gyokuros.


The biggest surprise this month came from this amazing Nepalese tea. The owner of Cha Yi told me that this tea was very similar to a Darjeeling since it comes from the same variety of Camellia Sinensus. What made me absolutely fall in love with this tea his the outstanding notes of flowers I got from the first smell. For some reason, this floral smell gave me a feeling of joy along with a mental image of a field full of flowers pollen flying around in the air. Luckily, I am do not have an allergic reaction to pollen so it was a beautiful scene to me. Each and every sip I took from this drink felt to me like drinking some nectar from the gods. I would without a doubt give this tea a 9.9 out of 10, just to say that perfection is impossible but this is really damn close!

Thanks for reading!

As English is not my first language, I invite you to send me a message letting me know if I made any mistakes and your thoughts on my post.




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