Best brand name teas – Green Teas


Hey tea drinkers!

For my first blog article, I will review the most common green teas you can find out there. By that, I mean green tea’s that you can easily find in a supermarket at minimum cost.

I want to start off by saying that that I respect everyone’s preference when it comes to tea. Some people really enjoy tea bags and that’s perfectly fine, to each their own! For me, I find that loose leaf teas offer a bigger selection and superior taste. That being said, I still think that it’s important to explore every aspect of tea-drinking in order to really figure out what you like and what makes a good tea.

So to try something different, I decided to buy four different brands of tea that you can find in a supermarket and figure out which one I liked the best. The brands I tried were:


Four O’Clock Green Tea


This being an organic tea; I didn’t really know what to expect. The green tea was very fine as you would expect from a bagged tea. Although it was very hard to see the tea through the bag, the mix looked well-balanced between stems and leaves. When infused, the color of the liquid was a light brownish-green. The smell was woody and a little bit fruity, like a lightly-roasted green tea. The taste was not really different from the smell. You could taste the light woody fruity flavour, meaning that some of the leaves were probably roasted like a Hojicha. The taste was bitter and astringent, but this was to be expected with a bagged tea.


Stash Premium Green Tea


This tea was the most expensive, so I had semi-high hopes for this one. You could clearly see that the bag had more leaves than stems compared to the others, and also had a greener color. The color of the infusion was a grass-like green, the only one with that color out of the four teas. The smell was less woody and smelled more like freshly-cut grass. The taste was like sweet grass but with not much bitterness. This was the most unique tea out of the four.

Lipton Green Tea


The tea bags I bought were round disks so could place them at the bottom of a cup, I guess? I found it very weird since there was no string to take it out of the tea cup. I had to use a fork to remove the bag. I’m guessing people just leave it in the cup until they are done (bitter much?). The color was very similar to the Four O’Clock- a brownish green. I was really not impressed with the taste. There was almost no flavor other than just bitterness, which is not really a flavor in itself. It was also very astringent in my mouth which was just weird. I really have no word for this tea other than “bland”.

Twinings Green Tea


This tea was slightly better than the Lipton option. The color was the same, but the smell was a bit stronger. The taste was similar to the Four O’Clock, but the taste was a bit more woody and grassy. The bitterness was still very present, but was more manageable since there was some flavor to the infusion.


Final Verdict

Being used to drinking Senchas and Gyokuros, these teas definitely put me out of my comfort zone. The Lipton green tea was honestly one of the worst green teas I’ve had to date. For the Four O’Clock and the Twinings; they were very similar in taste but the Four O’Clock had the edge because of the fruitier flavor and the fact that it is organic. The one that really stood out for me was the Stash Premium Green Tea because of its smooth, grassy flavor. It is definitely worth spending a few more pennies to have a green tea that really tastes like a green tea. I implore you to try it and give me your opinion.






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